Congratulations to the Campaign for Option B!
Thanks for everyone's hard work.

What is Option B?

Option B is a vote evolution, not revolution. Option B creates more effective government that will work for the future of Jersey whilst keeping you at its heart.

Option B is a vote for a smaller States assembly. By cutting the number of members from 49 to 42, Option B makes the States Assembly more effective and efficient.

Option B is a vote to keep the parishes at the heart of the States of Jersey. It keeps the strong links with local communities that are so essential if the States Assembly is to work well and make a real difference that improves your life and the lives of the people who matter most to you.

A detailed look at Option B

  • Option B reduces the number of States members to 42 which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency and cut the costs of the States.
  • Option B does away with the undemocratic system where some voters can elect more deputies than others.
  • Option B means that the deputies will no longer be able to get elected with a few hundred votes and will need substantial support from the electorate.
  • Option B keeps the Constables in the Assembly, maintains the vital link between the States and the parishes, and supports the parishes as the traditional centres of community life.
  • Option B involves evolution not revolution. We need reform but we also need stability in order to meet the challenges of a changing world without losing our heritage and our identity.

On Referendum Day, 24th April, make sure you vote for the future, VOTE FOR OPTION B